Monday, November 23, 2009

The return of the enigma of Babri carnage

Another commission report another controversy but what is the significance of timing of this report, which took seventeen long years and when it came out, it was leaked. Although, neither home minister nor justice Liberahn accepted responsibility of leakage of such a serious issue.

In his words as he said angrily that he is not a characterless person to indulge on such act. Mr home minister, also assured parliament that they have one copy and its safe. Now, it’s really a consternation situation. The report was submitted by the Liberahn commission, in the month of June but government has put this into back burner.

The question now is what could be the possible reasons behind this leakage and who leaked it. Is this meticulously planned as government is under radar of severe pressure from food prices, the farmers uproar on sugarcane price issue or at large to remove everyone’s attention from Koda’s unprecedented scams in the state of Jharkhand where the election is on the corner.

Another theory which is in the air suggest that Congress wants to revive itself in North India as at the time when it perceive that it so apt situation as major opposition party is in the crisis mode and timing of leakage really helps to believe such theory as 6th December is just few days to go. Question on the Involvement of former Prime Minister Vajpayee in the demolition of Babri Masjid is really bolt from the blue, as he was not even summoned for the inquiry.

However, as he himself claim that he was unaware of such manoeuvre of Hindu nationalist lead by RSS is far from the truth. On the other side this report has overlooked the role of then, Prime Minister P.V.Narasimha Rao to the hilt. How is it possible that prime minister of the country was so slow to control the situation and not taken stringent action to stop the carnage, which later on welcomes one of the darkest era of independent India.

That bloody Sunday, always haunts and it’s so close again. Politics will remain like that and so are the politicians. It is now, in the womb of future, whether this report will introduce soon or not but one thing is clear that monster will unleashed once again, ironically this time, it seems it came out by leakage.

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  1. Let me sum up the possible causes...though i believe the leak was intentional.....

    1. Congress was under immense pressure over opposition getting united on the sugarcane ordinance issue. In fact TMC & DMK had also joined the opposition. To take this unity forward and put pressure on Congress, the opposition had planned to raise Koda, Telecom (3G) & price rise issue in Parliament.

    2. With Jharkhand election round the corner, the leak of Librehan Commission report would certainly benefit Congress as BJP coming under pressure would mean a direct advantage.

    3. 26/11 anniversary is likely to again raise questions on security and also handling of Mumbai terror attack by the government. The leakage of Liberhan report would certainly diffuse the security issue.

    4. Just to test waters on the implications of any action on Liberhan Commission recommendations, the report has been selectively leaked just before its presentation in Parliament.