Monday, November 23, 2009

The return of the enigma of Babri carnage

Another commission report another controversy but what is the significance of timing of this report, which took seventeen long years and when it came out, it was leaked. Although, neither home minister nor justice Liberahn accepted responsibility of leakage of such a serious issue.

In his words as he said angrily that he is not a characterless person to indulge on such act. Mr home minister, also assured parliament that they have one copy and its safe. Now, it’s really a consternation situation. The report was submitted by the Liberahn commission, in the month of June but government has put this into back burner.

The question now is what could be the possible reasons behind this leakage and who leaked it. Is this meticulously planned as government is under radar of severe pressure from food prices, the farmers uproar on sugarcane price issue or at large to remove everyone’s attention from Koda’s unprecedented scams in the state of Jharkhand where the election is on the corner.

Another theory which is in the air suggest that Congress wants to revive itself in North India as at the time when it perceive that it so apt situation as major opposition party is in the crisis mode and timing of leakage really helps to believe such theory as 6th December is just few days to go. Question on the Involvement of former Prime Minister Vajpayee in the demolition of Babri Masjid is really bolt from the blue, as he was not even summoned for the inquiry.

However, as he himself claim that he was unaware of such manoeuvre of Hindu nationalist lead by RSS is far from the truth. On the other side this report has overlooked the role of then, Prime Minister P.V.Narasimha Rao to the hilt. How is it possible that prime minister of the country was so slow to control the situation and not taken stringent action to stop the carnage, which later on welcomes one of the darkest era of independent India.

That bloody Sunday, always haunts and it’s so close again. Politics will remain like that and so are the politicians. It is now, in the womb of future, whether this report will introduce soon or not but one thing is clear that monster will unleashed once again, ironically this time, it seems it came out by leakage.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Orissa, a state of many crisis

Government of Orissa was in complete unaware of the situation in the illegal extraction of mines of the state, which has given billions of money to the state and it is perceived now to be one of the biggest scam(might be in hundreds of crore) in recent history, but situation is still hasn’t reached into tipping point. It seems now that corruption in India doesn’t make a news, might be people believe its normal since, everybody is corrupt and corruption is the common phenomena to settle brownie points in all their endeavours. At the time when country is going through severe political crisis, blame can be slapped on impotent opposition or it is perhaps the fate of India now, and when even judiciary is under severe cloud of corruption charges, the future of the country where majority of people doesn’t understand or even educated people doesn’t care to understand the situation until and unless economy provides them to keep their eye fixed only in their monetary works, it is irony that these question will go in vain , sadly but it’s a ugly truth. Now coming back to Orissa, it really shameful to see , such an astonishing behaviour of politicians and their practice. Raghunath Mohanty , minister of Steel, mines& industries, said after asking how is it possible that ministry and government was in complete oblivion state from the illegal extractions from its mines, he said shamelessly, “ sometimes even in my home, small things is being theft and its difficult to check every action of people. We are checking the details but government is India is also responsible and state governments should not blamed,”. Now, how can a minister who is holding, such an important position in the government acts so stupid, perhaps it’s the way democracy in India now works. Ravi Das , a journalist, who had filed a PIL in The Supreme Court(SC) Of India on these illegal extraction of mines. when asked, he said that its happening over a decade in the state and we have given details of every mines to the SC.How governments and administration has ignored such a serious issue and it is not possible that sans their involvement, it would have occurred, its not a fluke but for the minister its not a big issue. He actually doesn’t buy any such thoughts because inspite of all such his party wins majority without any support ,then who cares. Mr Cheif minister, Naveen Patnayak has refused to shift case to the CBI. Its really pathetic that a state who has suffered from a huge drought and many natural calamities and even communal violence, causing millions death and still considered the poorest state in the country is raped endlessly. The shameless act of poor politicians should be vehemently opposed in strongest of voice, despite of knowing that it won’t change the situation and it will be repeated but its always better to do something rather than just thinking when this is gonna end.